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    oltre 4000 Beneficiari dei progetti di cooperazione che  si ispirano ad un approccio comunitario e partecipativo.





    Quattro i paesi con i quali lavoriamo: Kenya, Ecuador, Bosnia e Israele

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Fontana Foundation

The Fontana Foundation Onlus was founded in 1998 with the purpose of pursuing goals of social solidarity and implementing peace projects, international cooperation activities and intercultural education. It promotes a culture of solidarity at both national and international level, adopting a bottom-up approach. The Fontana Foundation Onlus encourages networking and collaboration among various local actors during all stages of its projects (formulation, implementation and evaluation), with the aim of enhancing resources and competences from the areas of operation.

Fontana Foundation Onlus operates in four main areas:

  1. INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION through the support of local partners in Kenya (St. Martin CSA), Ecuador (ASA), Bosnia (ADL Prijedor) and Israel. All the international cooperation projects are inspired by a communitarian and participatory development approach. Reciprocity, participation, network: three watchwords of a collaborative approach which involves the local community since the beginning of the project.
  • World Social Agenda ( is a cultural multi-year project to promote education, awareness and information on topics related to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Through the World Social Agenda, Fontana Foundation Onlus provides annually an advanced and participatory educational opportunity for more than 3000 students and 150 teachers, focusing each year on one of the MDGs.
  • Participation and Territories is an educational and formative project organized and promoted in partnership with St. Martin CSA (Kenya) through a joint planning, organization and implementation. The project is completely held in English and targets high school students. By using different methodologies such as role plays, group work and class discussions, the programme aims at providing students with opportunities for collective reflection and exchange on issues such as community, diversity, prejudice, discrimination, non-violent conflict management and participation.
  • On-line Atlas is a web-based tool to support the teaching and learning of topics related to intercultural and geographic education, designed for primary and secondary schools.
  1. INFORMATION – through the web portal;
  • with a group of young and committed journalists, based across the Italy and abroad, the portal aims to support and providequalified and pluralist information regarding human rights, peace, democracy and environmental issues on a daily basis. Unimondo is the Italian partner of Oneworld, the international network of sites with similar centers in 10 countries of 4 continents.
  1. MICROCREDIT AND MICROFINANCE – believing in microcredit and microfinance as a way to foster global development, Fontana Foundation invests more than 30% of its assets in microcredit programmes.

The main office of Fontana Foundation is located in Padua (in the Veneto Region), with a sub-office in Trento (Trentino-Alto Adige Region).

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